"Haruan" is a Japanese YouTuber who is fully compliant with the loudness normalization!

" Haruan " may be YouTuber which is fully compliant with loudness normalization .

Loudness normalization fully compliant What is YouTuber?

YouTuber understands YouTube 's loudness normalization specification and uses it well .

What is Loudness Normalization?

YouTube automatically adjusts the volume between videos.

Have you seen "detailed statistics" from the right click menu of YouTube videos?

youtube video stats

Please pay attention to "Content loudness" in this. This value is a reference when YouTube performs loudness normalization.

If "Content loudness" is positive, YouTube will lower the volume. If it is minus, the volume remains unchanged.

Two facts about sound

To make good use of loudness normalization, the following two facts are important.

A. There is a trade-off relationship between sound pressure and sound quality

B. Larger volume sounds better

How to make good use of loudness normalization

On YouTube, since loudness normalization works, there are points where the sound volume does not rise even if the sound pressure is raised . It is the point where the above "Content loudness" becomes 0.

Since the sound pressure and sound quality are in a trade-off relationship, increasing the sound pressure so that the "Content loudness" becomes 0 or more on YouTube, the volume does not rise, so the larger the volume, the better the sound is heard Instead, only the sound quality goes down .

So, the best solution when raising a video on YouTube is to set "Content loudness" near 0 or below 0 .

"Harukanaru" video content loudness "

Please take a look at "Content loudness" of recent Hara video. I think that every video is near 0 dB .

Video of 2018/12/02 ("Content loudness" 0.0 dB)

Video of September 23, 2018 ("Content loudness" 0.0 dB)

In other words, Haruan's movie is the best balance of sound pressure and sound quality on YouTube. It is unusual for it to happen unintentionally, so it may be intentionally done.

However, in the video before a while, "Content loudness" deviates from 0 dB .

2018/05/25 movie ("Content loudness" -1.7 dB)

Video of 2017/11/12 ("Content loudness" - 8.5 dB)

Recently, it may correspond to the loudness normalization.


It was an article that YouTuber " Haruan " might be fully compliant with the loudness normalization .

For YouTuber applications and news applications, YouTube's loudness normalization criteria are sufficiently low, so it may be natural to respond like SEO from now on .