How to use Equalizer APO

We will show you how to use Equalizer APO.

Equalizer APO is Windows software that can apply audio processing to all sounds played on PC . For audio processing, you can use volume, equalizer, convolution of IR (impulse response), VST and so on.

Install Equalizer APO

If you are using 64bit Windows, download the 64bit version here and install it.

※ If you are using 32bit Windows, please download the 32bit version from here .

Equalizer APO setting screen

Open Equalizer APO 1.2 / Configuration Edtor from the Windows start menu.

equalizer apo

Equalizer with Equalizer APO

Equalizer can be applied in the arrow part of the screen below.

equalizer apo equalizer

Change the volume with Equalizer APO

You can adjust the gain with the arrows on the screen below. Even if you just cut it with an equalizer, the waveform will change and the peak will pop out so it may be better to lower the gain to prevent clipping.

equalizer apo gain

Use VST with Equalizer APO

To prevent clipping, try inserting the limiter at the end of the Equalizer APO.

Click the plus icon. Please choose Plugins / VST plugin.

equalizer apo add vst

The VST container was added at the very end of the process.

equalizer apo vst

Click the file icon.

equalizer apo open vst

Since the VST selection screen appears, select the VST file (extension .dll). Only VST 2 is supported. Since there is no bridge function, only VST with the number of bits matching Equalizer APO can be used.

equalizer apo choose vst

We were able to load VST.

equalizer apo vst loaded

Please click "Open panel" button.

equalizer apo vst open ui

The UI is displayed. Unlike DAW, please note that the setting will not be reflected unless you press "OK" button or "Apply" button. If "Apply automatically" is checked, settings will be automatically reflected as with DAW.

equalizer apo limiter

Possibility of Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO can be used in various ways.

Because the sound of YouTube movie is so loud that it cuts out high, or because there are many variations in the sound of YouTube movies so normalize it, because the dynamic range of the movie is too big to listen at home so compressing, speaker frequency characteristic correction And distance correction and so on.

Equalizer APO has made it possible to receive the benefits of VST not only for music producers but also gamers and YouTube viewers .


We introduced how to use Equalizer APO.

Actually, Equalizer APO taught foreign users that we use ITDPanner VST of our company for speaker correction. Please let me know if you want this VST!

Block chain music streaming service How to earn tokens using Choon

I will show you how to earn tokens by distributing songs using Choon.

What is Choon?

Choon is a music streaming service and digital payment ecosystem with an Ethernet block chains designed to solve the task of the music industry.

In the music industry, there are issues such as a lot of margin taken from the artist to the listener until music arrives, transparency is insufficient, existing streaming service is not profitable, and the structure of the industry is old.

Choon solves these tasks in the block chain. Detail isWhite paperplease look at.

Register as a free member

HerePlease register as a member. * At the time of registration, please check "I am an artist who wants to upload music".

Upload sound source

Once you register as a member, you will be taken to the screen below. Click the "NEW TRACK" button to switch to the sound source upload screen.

Upload sound source from "Choose a file" of Audio.

Upload artwork images from Artwork Image. If there is no suitable image you can use the image without credit notationunsplashI think that it is good to use such as.

Enter meta information

Enter the following information.

Title: Title of the song

Artist Name: Artist name

Release Date: Release date

Description: Description

Tags: Tag

Decide playlist reward

Choon has a function to create playlists. "Playlist Split" is the proportion of remuneration divided into playlist creators when a song is played through a playlist. If you want rewards, you should consider a smaller value, if you want to increase the number of playback, I think that a larger value is better.

Enter compensation distribution information

Choon has the function of automatically distributing rewards among people when multiple people ("Collaborator") are involved in sound source production. Please enter the compensation distribution information from the Contract tab. In the case of one person, it is OK as default.


Save it and you're done.

How much can I actually earn?

actuallyPosted 8 songs to ChoonI tried to. After posting the first song on September 16, 2018, I earned 3,230 notes as of 2018/12/03. notes is the name of the token exchanged by Choon. 1 I do not know the value of notes yet.


I showed you how to earn tokens by distributing songs using Choon.