"AI Mastering" free

AI Mastering is now free.

Contents of free

  • Free AI Mastering functions equivalent to paid plans (however, mastering protection function is abolished)
  • App version is abolished
  • Free desktop version released
  • Introducing friends, abolishing affiliate program
  • No warranty, no support in principle

Support for premium plans

We will respond as follows.

  • Automatic cancellation after the expiration of the current period
  • No refund due to cancellation (no daily refund)
  • Existing protected mastering may be removed in the future

* Registration via Amazon is handled in the same way.

Free desktop version

We have released a free desktop version. You can download it from the link below.


Features of the free desktop version

  • No membership registration required
  • No internet required
  • Some functions are not implemented
  • No warranty, no support in principle

Free background

I'm very sorry, but recently I decided to make it free because it is difficult to support AI Mastering. We plan to distribute the free desktop version and open source the desktop version and the automatic mastering algorithm so that we can continue to provide it without support.