Mastering analysis of "DÉ DÉ MOUSE" and "be yourself"

It is the result of analyzing "be yourself" of "DÉ DÉ MOUSE" by AI Mastering.

Analysis result of “DD DÉ MOUSE” and “be yourself” by AI Mastering

Basic statistics DE DE MOUSE be yourself mastering statistics

Loudness time series

DE DE MOUSE be yourself loudness time series


DE DE MOUSE be yourself Spectrum

Spectrum distribution

DE DE MOUSE be yourself Spectrum Distribution

Loudness histogram

DE DE MOUSE be yourself Loudness Histogram

How can I get the same sound pressure as "DÉ DÉ MOUSE" and "be yourself"?

According to the analysis results, the loudness of "be yourself" is -7.6 dB, so I think that it is better to set to a target sound pressure a little larger than that in AI Mastering and mastering.

Because the target sound pressure is high, the Ceiling setting is recommended "Peak" or "True Peak". "True Peak (15 kHz Lowpass)" is too conservative for clipping because it lowers the peak so that it does not clip if it is cut more than 15 kHz due to re-encoding, etc.

If you set "True Peak", it is recommended to set oversampling to 2x.

Setting Example

AI Mastering Settings Example