Audio Commons - Reusing audio content reuse

I will introduce Audio Commons.

Audio Commons

"Audio Commons Initiative" is an initiative aimed at delivering audio content provided under the Creative Commons license to the creative industry. I do not know the meaning of Initiative, but I think that it is probably used in a sense like organization.

Audio Commons introduction summary

· Reusable audio contents (sound effects, field recordings, audio samples, songs) should be originally more, but there are few current situations.

· The cause is a lack of shared culture on content reuse and technical problems (search, license clarification).

· Audio Commons Initiative solves those problems and encourages reuse of audio content.

Audio Commons (official website)

Audio Commons (Twitter)

Audio Commons Ecosystem

Audio Commons Ecosystem (ACE) is an ecosystem of audio content, users and tools supported by Audio Commons Initiative. Audio Commons Ecosystem facilitates the reuse of audio content provided under the Creative Commons license in professional, non-professional and personal areas.


Character of ecosystem

Content Creator: a person who creates content. Composers etc.

Content Provider: the person who delivers the content. Jamendo, Freesound, etc.

Content User: The person who uses the content. Game producers etc.

Audio Commons ontology

Audio Commons ontology is an ontology of audio content used in Audio Commons Ecosystem. With Audio Commons ontology, you can annotate audio content (give metadata).

Participants in Audio Commons

In addition to the university, people belonging to Waves, Jamendo, AudioGaming are participating in Audio Commons.

Audio Commons Team

Audio Commons' Github repository

Audio Commons distributes various libraries with Github.

Audio Commons (GitHub)

An interesting tool of Audio Commons

Timbral Explorer

Multiple audio samples are visualized in two dimensions. A circle represents one audio sample and is arranged so that sounds resemble one another. Clicking the circle will sound. If you click a circle nearby, a similar sound will sound, and clicking on a circle in the distance will sound a sound that is not similar.

If you can use it from DAW, it seems easy to select audio samples.


Timbral Explorer


Audio Commons introduced.