PhonicMind - an online service that can extract / remove vocals from sound sources

We introduce PhonicMind, an online service that extracts / removes only vocals from the sound source, and other similar software / services.

What is PhonicMind?

PhonicMind is an online service that can automatically extract and remove vocals from 2-mix sound sources.

When uploading the sound source, you can download two sound sources, the sound source which extracted only the vocal from the sound source and the sound source which removed only the vocal.

PhonicMind official website

Phonic Mind's reputation

Looking at the response of the link below, PhonicMind's reputation seems to be good.

PhonicMind, a vocal remover that actually works when it comes to isolating the vocals. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! from makingvaporwave

Has anyone tried PhonicMind? from IsolatedVocals

How PhonicMind works

PhonicMind seems to be using deep neural net.

PhonicMind’s vocal remover uses deep neural networks to do vocal elimination.


Other vocal removal / extraction software

Vocal Remover (

Like PhonicMind, VocalRemover is an online service that can automatically remove / extract vocals from 2-mix sound sources.

You can remove vocals from "Vocal Remover" in the left menu and vocal extraction from "Vocal Extractor".

Vocal Remover

When I tried it, the band is near the vocal and the sound with the localization in the center is extracted together with the vocal. Also, vocal removal has reverb components left.

As you can imagine, I think that you are using the traditional method of extracting vocals using information of localization, frequency band, transient.

VocalRemover (

Like PhonicMind, VocalRemover is an online service that can automatically remove / extract vocals from 2-mix sound sources.


I tried it, the quality is higher than The reverb component after vocal removal is also weak. I felt the same quality as PhonicMind.

Lakeside Audio Isola Pro FX

Lakeside Audio Isola Pro FX is a VST plug-in that can extract various instruments semi-automatically from 2-mix sound sources.

Lakeside Audio Isola Pro FX

There are "MIDI mode" giving hints at Midi and automatic mode to specify the frequency band, and "MIDI mode" seems to have higher quality. Because it is VST, it can process in real time.

It is a comparison video of PhonicMind and Lakeside Audio Isola Prox FX. A little artifact has appeared, but I felt the same quality as PhonicMind.

iZotope RX 7

iZotope RX 7 is a standalone software for repairing and adjusting 2 - mix sound sources, which supports both music production and post production.

iZotope RX 7

The initial version of iZotope RX was announced in 2007, with the release of RX 7 in 2018, the function of automatically extracting vocals, bass, percussion etc from 2 - mix sound source and readjusting the volume was added.

According to the following information, it seems that neural net is used for sound source separation algorithm.

The evolution of our intelligent audio technology continues with the Music Rebalance module in RX 7. Music Rebalance is a new tool that gives users the ability to boost, attenuate, or even isolate musical elements from audio recordings. It is a natural progression of our neural network-based source separation technology, first introduced in the forms of Dialogue Isolate and De-rustle in RX 6 and now evolved to extract multiple musical components from complex mixes.


Audionamix XTRAX STEMS

Audionamix XTRAX STEMS is a standalone software that fully separates 2-mix sound sources into three vocals, drums, and other instruments.

Audionamix XTRAX STEMS

According to this information, it uses a neural network and seems to be superior to ADX TRAX.

Audionamix ADX TRAX

Audionamix ADX TRAX is a standalone software that extracts vocals. We are specialized in vocal extraction. Unlike PhonicMind, you can fine-tune manually while watching the spectrum.

Audionamix ADX TRAX


BlueLab REBALANCE is a VST that allows you to adjust the volume of each 2 - mix sound source divided into 4 vocals, bass, drums, and other instruments. It is released in January 2019. It is VST so it can be processed in real time.

I tried it, it was lower quality than PhonicMind. I guess, I guess you are using a traditional algorithm.


Which vocal removal / extraction service should be used?

I want to make a karaoke sound source

I think PhonicMind or VocalRemover is good.

Because it is a web service, it is unnecessary to install software and other troubles.

I want to copy (transcription) my ear

I think that Lakeside Audio Isola Pro FX, iZotope RX 7 or Audionamix XTRAX STEMS is good.

Musical instruments other than vocals can also be extracted. I do not know which of these is better because I do not use it.


We introduced the software / service for extracting and removing vocals on behalf of PhonicMind.

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