Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (PEAQ)

We will introduce PEAQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality).


Can PEAQ perceive the difference between the reference sound and the target sound? It is a method to objectively evaluate by calculation. I think that it can be used to evaluate the performance of the limiter and the performance of the mp3 encoder.

PEAQ (Wikipedia)

ITU-R BS.1387

PEAQ license

According to Wikipedia, PEAQ seems to be protected by patents. So you can not use it freely. According to the site below, you may be able to sign a license via OPTICOM.


Licensing (OPTICOM)

Implementation of PEAQ

In the following article, accuracy of multiple PEAQ and calculation time are compared. It seems that GstPEAQ is good for accuracy.

GstPEAQ – An Open Source Implementation of the PEAQ Algorithm


It is a PEAQ implementation created as a GStreamer plugin. It is implemented in C language and the license is LGPL 2.

HSU-ANT/gstpeaq (Github)

PEAQ test data

The zip file that can be downloaded from the link below contains test data. According to the license notation in the zip file, it seems that it should not be used other than evaluation of PEAQ implementation.

ITU-R BS.1387


We introduced about PEAQ. I thought about introducing it to AI Mastering, but I abandoned it because I can not use it freely.