List of Publications

2018/12/20 "MusicTech"

MinusDelay was shipped on the DVD.

"MusicTech Magazine Issue 190: Gear Of The Year 2018"

2018/12/11 "FINDERS"

The smartphone version of AI Mastering was introduced.

"Audio auto mastering application" Sound pressure blow-up kun "dedicated to all" smart video creator "

2018/11/11 ""

MinusDelay was introduced.

"Best free plug-ins this week: Snare Designer, Minus Delay & DeEss"

2018/11/06 "Computer Music Japan"

ClearMixer was introduced.

"Plug-in that automatically reduces band fog with one touch, release BAKUAGE" ClearMixer "

2018/10/28 "Computer Music Japan"

MinusDelay was introduced.

"【Free】 Plugin to speed up pronunciation timing, Bakuage" MinusDelay "free distribution started! "