How to use AI Mastering (Gettings Started Tutorial)

In this article, I will explain the basic usage of AI Mastering for those using AI Mastering for the first time.

What is AI Mastering?

AI Mastering is an automatic online audio mastering service.

Mastering is the task of adjusting the sound. It is necessary for music production and movie production. Mastering makes the sound easier to hear, the impressions come out and the impression gets better.

With AI Mastering, mastering can be done with one touch.

Register for membership

Free membership registration is required to use AI Mastering. Register as a member here. Membership registration can be done by social login (Github, Google, Twitter) or email address.

Perform social login

On the screen below, please select one of Github, Google, Twitter. Please ask for permission for each service so please allow it.

Register by mail address

Please select "User Registration" tab, enter your e-mail address and password, confirm the terms of use and privacy policy, and register as a user.

Register your e-mail address and check the terms of use

When membership registration is completed, we will transition to the screen below, so we will register your email address and confirm your terms of service.

By default, the mail address used at login is entered in the mail address input field. Please press OK as it is if there is no problem. If you do not enter it or change it, please press OK after entering it.


Upload mastering target sound source

When membership registration is completed, I think that it is transitioning to the following home screen. Please drag and drop the sound source file from the PC on this screen. Since this time is a tutorial, it is recommended to try it with a sound source of less than 2 minutes which you can try free of charge any number of times. Please note that the extension of the sound source file is .wav, .mp3, .mp4.

Taking the dragged file on the browser screen will change to the screen shown below. Please drop the file to the drop zone in the center as it is. Upload will start. Uploaded files will not be published. Also, it will be deleted in about 3 days from the old one.

Select the setting of mastering

When the upload is completed, you will see the following screen, so select the mastering setting. For this time, we will choose one-touch bombings that are easy to use with less configuration. Please press the execute button as it is.

Wait for completion of mastering

As the screen changes to the screen as below, wait until mastering is completed.

Watch and download the sound source after mastering

When mastering is completed, the preview button and the download button are displayed as follows. You can compare and listen to the sound sources before and after mastering with the preview button.

If you are satisfied with the sound source, download the sound source after mastering with the Download Mastered button.

That is the basic flow of mastering.

Mastering for more than 2 minutes

In AI Mastering, mastering of less than 2 minutes is free for any number of times, mastering for 2 minutes or more is free once a month. Finally, I will show you how to do mastering for more than 2 minutes.

Upload sound source and wait for mastering completion

First of all like the tutorial, upload the sound source and wait for the mastering completion. Up to this point is the same as the tutorial, but in the case of a sound source longer than two minutes, the download button has been Download Mastered (Preview), as shown in the image below, and the preview cut out the first two minutes of the sound source Only sound source download is enabled.

There are four ways to make full sound source downloadable from this state, so I will explain in order.

How to make full sound source downloadable for free

Mastering free for up to once a month

Click the button at the bottom of the screen below to make the full audio downloadable for free, the free mastering count will be consumed and the full audio will be downloadable.

Mastering free on mastering tickets you got with friends referral

If you introduce your friends with friends introduction program, you can earn mastering tickets that can be mastered for free. For details, please refer to the Referral Program . (login is needed)

How to make full sound source downloadable for a fee

Register to premium plan

If you register for the premium plan of monthly billing ($ 29.99 / month), you can master any number of times per month. Settlement is only available for credit card transactions.

Purchase each time mastering

It is also possible to purchase for each mastering. The price is $ 9.99 / times. It corresponds to credit card transaction and PayPal.


We introduced the basic usage of AI Mastering.

※ The information in this article is current as of November 27, 2018 and may be different from the latest information. For the latest information please see AI Mastering .